Who Needs Your Best Right Now? (Habit Of Necessity)

Who needs your best right now? This is the question that you need to ask yourself to practice the habit of necessity. Why do you need to be on top of your game? Who are the people that you need to offer your best or give your best shot for?  In his book High-Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard says that in order to raise the habit of necessity, you need to have your “WHO” or people who need you to be at your best.

Your Best Is Your Gift To Others

You can always raise necessity by thinking about the people who need you. This may must include your efforts, your time and your sacrifices. It is your gift to the world especially to the people who inspire you – family, friends and others significant to you. Always ask yourself about the people you are doing these things now.

Watch this video and know Who Needs Your Best Right Now?

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