Uncashed Checks

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Uncashed Checks

Do you have “uncashed checks” sitting in your book for a long time?


What do you have that is like uncashed checks in your house or in your account?


The answer is, I’ll put it in a way that Ray Higdon told me – if you go to an event, any meeting that you are there to learn and if you have notes and don’t study those notes, and don’t tell others about it and don’t teach about it, it is like ‘uncashed check.’


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Uncashed Checks


Today, I am going to give you a few of my takeaways from a marketing boot camp that I went to in Tampa with Ray and a few other people. A few things that I have learned, and I’ve mentioned this before, is when you are serving somebody else, whether if it's in your job or in your business or if you work for commission , you need to always provide value to that person.

You need to leave that person better off than what they were before you interacted with them.


It’s kind of thinking (especially that you are a businessman or entrepreneur) and doing marketing like a media company. Providing daily value, being congruent in what you do. So if you are in customer service and you are working for a job and a salary, be congruent – be nice, be friendly, be the same, people can expect that and people can come back to you and you will have fulfillment in what you do.


Here's more of the takeaways from the boot camp. Check out this video to learn WHAT TO TALK ABOUT when talking about your product or service!




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About the authorJohan Van Aarde is a Social Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional & Business Developer.
His mission is to mentor people and support them in building a business that will give them financial and time freedom, by experiencing the science of achievement while enjoying the art of fulfillment through growth and contribution. At the same time giving them a passion for helping make a huge difference in the lives of families all over the world.
He is a child of Yeshua Messiah, World Traveler, Father & Husband of 26 yrs. Love Surfing, Bodysurfing, Rugby, health and fitness, everything Hawaii, health, and fitness, red wine, grilling outside, feeding orphans & spreading the Good News.

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