Tips To FulFill Your Vision

Five Tips To Fulfill Your Vision


Five Tips to Fulfill Your Vision. We are in Part Four of our series of Catching the Vision. In the First Part, I described what vision is and why it is important and that you need vision to be successful in business, because that is the driving force and that your vision should not just be centered on you and family, but on something much bigger than you.


I described why vision is important – to do more than just yourself – because you are not just put here on earth just to work a job and retire and die. You are here to make an impact and reach the lives of other people.



In the second part, I talked about how you can grow your vision. I mentioned things such as hanging around with like-minded people, listening to things and reading books for developing your mindset, therefore developing your vision.


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Most recently, we talked about what things could be this vision and I mentioned things such as orphanages – working with the orphans and feeding the orphans. Also, feeding the poor, volunteering at old aged living places where you could talk to people – whatever it is that you want to do. Wouldn’t it be nice, in my case, go coach rugby in an underdeveloped country and have funds to do it and not having to worry if I am not working for a week or two weeks because the income from a network marketing company is providing that security and peace for me?


The Top Tips


Tonight, I am going to give you five tips on reaching and fulfilling your vision. Now, I am laying out the ABSOLUTE best, best way to fulfill your vision. Especially if you are somebody that doesn’t have a huge or big business or born wealthy and rich with a lot of old money. Even for those people this is a great way to create an extra stream of income


Tip No. 1: JOIN NETWORK MARKETING. For most people that work at a job, make good money, paying the bills and all of that, there is no better vehicle than network marketing to reach your goals. It is a great way to have your own business and you do not have to carry any of the risk, the company takes all the risk. They  handle all the money, they do all the distribution, so you don’t have to do anything like that. With network marketing it is by the word of mouth business.
When you watch a good movie and you really like it, you tell your friends about it and maybe tomorrow you get to have lunch with your friends and you say, “Dude, you’ve got to see this, this is awesome. It’s such a good movie!” So, that person goes to the movie theaters and watches the movie and enjoys it and the movie theater makes money.

With network marketing, it’s exactly the same thing, except here, you are the person making the money – you and your company …. and all you are doing is telling a story, sharing about your service, the product and reach thTips To Fulpilling Your Vision Binary Compensation Plane lives of other people.


For those that are thinking that network marketing are pyramid schemes, I’ll just be blunt and say, feel sorry for yourself for not educating yourself more, because network marketing is a regulated industry.

It is the BEST way to grow as a person, grow your income and build a dynasty and a legacy. There has been a negative connotation to it in the past, pretty much because of some people that felt they did not have to move a product.

All network marketing companies are under an umbrella, an organization and they are regulated, have a product. “Pyramid schemes” are illegal! Period!

I was telling somebody yesterday, that one of my very good friends, made $600K last year and the person that sponsored her made only about $160K because she’s capped out in rank where she is. Now tell me, will you ever make more money than the person above you in corporate America?


Network marketing rewards people who are diligent in doing their work.


So if you are still thinking that network marketing is not for you, this comes from the heart – please do this: go to Google and search Youtube and type Tips To Fulfilling Your Vision Tony Robbins in Tony Robbins and the Power of Network Marketing. There’s a five-minute video and an hour long video. Watch the hour-long video. Tony Robbins is not a network marketer but he is one of the global thought leaders of the world and you can Google him and find out more about him and also Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and other several books. He talks about it with Bob Proctor who is a very successful mindset coach and teaches people how to deal with their minds and their thought life and what you can become from that.


So, to me, this is best way to fulfill a vision and to reach a lot of people.

One of the people in my team wants to open up a center where they could feed kids during holiday seasons and the kids can get gifts and get extra clothing and be kind of like offer meals for some people and go to their houses and give presents to the kids and all of that.


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How will you do that if you do not have expendable money?

If you have expendable money, you are doing something and you will find, from what I can understand, a lot of the people that make a lot of money that give up to 80% of it away. Seriously!


Tip No. 2: PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES YOU BELIEVE IN. Find a company, research it and yes, you are going to find negative stuff on Google, because that’s probably how you’re going to research, you’re going to find a lot of negative stuff, but you’re also going to find some positive stuff. If you are going to a book review on Amazon, you don’t get all just positive. Even the best-bestsellers have a negative review. So just be realistic about what you read. Remember there will always be negative people.


Yet, find a company that promotes a product or a service that Tips To Fulfilling Your Visionyou are passionate about. If it’s all about making the money, or just fulfilling your vision, I think it’s going to be very, very hard to succeed. But if you find something that you are passionate about, let’s say, a fitness company and you may have had a massive transformation, you’ve lost a lot of weight and you tell people about it and you’re passionate about it – things like you talk a lot about, and if not passionate, well, something that you can get passionate about. It’s very important that you have to have that love. It’s like marriage. If you don’t love the other person and passionate about that, its not going to last.


Tip No. 3: THE GOOD COMPANY IS THE COMPANY OF THE GOOD. Research the distributors in the team. This is when you are searching. See who’s got the better team, who’s got the larger teams…. read up about them and contact the few and interview them and find out what kind of training and support they offer. Also find out where they are going to place you in the organization. Are they going to place you in the part where what they do and what other people do will benefit you? Then you are good, but do your homework.

If they would not put you there, it is going to be much harder!

Of course, you might come across that someone that’s in that position(orphaned) and working very hard and they have success. I am speaking from my experience from another network marketing company.


Tips To Fulfilling Your Vision

Tip No. 4: POSITION YOURSELF. If you have a friend or a contact, somebody you know that you can contact or maybe on social media that approaches you to join their network marketing company, absolutely, go with this person and make sure that this person is not as we say “orphaned.” If you have that friend, obviously, you want to support that friend, you want to be loyal and you want to work with them, but they have to be in a place where you can get support from your upline and downline and not just for training but where they could all place people and that people could end up in your downline.

I think that’s very important. If you are not in that position, then I feel very strongly that…………. and I don’t care who’s going to criticize me for this……… resign from your position and join another company or resign and come back and join the company when you are eligible again.


If you have somebody above you or two or three people above you that are sponsoring people and dropping people below you, stay where you are because you never know who you enroll,will enroll, or  your sponsor enrolls that is placed in your downlines that could be a rockstar, have a lot of contacts and put a lot of very influential people in your downline.

That can also happen if you are totally orphaned, but the chances are just better if you are not. The people in my team, they know that I have sponsored people in all parts of my organization all the time.


Tip No. 5: EASY-COPY SYSTEM. Find something that is so easy to share and you’re so passionate about and you could feel that anybody can do and that is not considered selling. What you are doing is sharing your journey. You’re sharing your health and fitness journey. You are sharing your great skin care journey and you just want to help other people use this product or this service. Some people offer travel vacations and stuff like that. Great service, they have fun, they want to have other people experience the same, while you make money at the sameTips To Fulfilling Your Visiontime. It is to me a very novel and noble business idea.


My last point is find something that you can do that is easy to do, that you are comfortable about and find something with a system that’s easy to duplicate. So if you do it, somebody else can do it as well.


Now you would say, well you’re a network marketer, so you expect your people to do Periscopes?

No. But I’ve been around for quite a while, but as you grow, you will be more comfortable to speaking to people in public and in front of other people, but find something very simple – a simple message, send a video, maybe send a presentation and then if they enroll, you let your team and your company do the training and you support these people.

That is very ‘duplicatable.’ Other than that, it will grow because if you grow several lines down, your influence is going to be diminished a little bit and if it is a very duplicatable system, it will just keep going. Make sure that you find that.


Let me recap the tips for you – first, join a network marketing company and get to work. Next, find a company that promotes products or services that you are passionate about. Then, research the distributors in the organization with the best teams, the larger teams and see what their training is and what their support is. If you have a contact or a friend that approaches you, obviously, you want to be with them but make sure that they are in the position where they can also get help from the people above. Lastly, do something that you are passionate about, so easy to share that you don’t consider it selling because you are not. Your main focus is to try and improve the life of that person.

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