Three Pointers For The Next Generation Entrepreneur bnm

Three Pointers For The Next Generation Entrepreneur

Three Pointers For The Next Generation Entrepreneur bnmHere are the three pointers that I would like to share for the next Generation entrepreneur, especially for the millennial entrepreneurs that are building a business to those who want to build a business of their own. This will help you become a part of the ‘millennial or the new economy’.

You need to watch out for these three things when you are looking to start a business, already have a business or been in the business for a long time: Passion, Mentor and Success Partners.

The first thing to mention is passion. If you want to have a long-term sustainable success you got to be in a business that you are passionate about. You have to be in a product service or opportunity that when you share it with others, you can be passionate about it. You need to believe in it and you know that you are making somebody else's life better with what you are sharing.

If you are not passionate about that but you have an idea can you become passionate about it. I do not mean that you need to fake it but it is something that you can relate with, for starters. It might not be something that you thought you were passionate about.

In my case many, many years ago I didn't think I was that passionate about health and fitness. I am very much into it today that's why I made the video yesterday about hemp CBD oil that helped me get rid of my joint pain, body inflammation and helped me to sleep through the night.

Tips For The Next Generation Entrepreneur

The second thing is you have to have a mentor. There is so much information on Google University and Wikipedia and everywhere out there, however, it is absolutely pertinent that you find a mentor somebody who has done what you are doing or attempting to do.

What do you need to look for in a mentor? You need to have someone who has done several things that you are doing. You also need a mentor that has experience or has been in the industry for quite some time and of course, you need to have a mentor who’s had a major success. You should be willing to pay a mentor because what you will learn from his experience is already infallible.

Mind you, success leaves clues as Tony Robbins said. You will make mistakes, but getting out of that mistake quickly can happen with the help of a mentor.

The third thing is that, you have to have a success partner. I am involved in a couple different aspects of life and I have success partners.

I have mentors and a success partner in my network marketing business. These mentors I pay thousands of dollars to learn from and to emulate the best practices. This is something that you cannot get out of online sources. My success partner helps me in developing my own products and that I speak to on a regular basis.

In my vacation ownership sales, I also have a mentor and I also learn from the more tenured people in the business. A success partner is somebody that you can check in regularly on a daily weekly or bi-weekly basis where you guys can share ideas back and forth.

The success partner relationship can be successful and the key with that is being brutally honest with each other. They can give you feedback and they could be more like a mini mentor but also somebody that helps you keep accountable – especially in network marketing.

Success can happen openly if you are passionate about what you do, you are working with mentors and success partners.

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The success partner relationship can be successful and the key with that is being brutally honest with each other.Click To Tweet

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