8 ways to change the world

8 Ways to Change The World Part 1

The first and number one thing to change when you would like to change the world is to show more gratitude, and this means gratitude for everything!

Skeptical Prospects

Skeptical Prospects: How To Deal With Them

Skeptical prospects can be a challenge, so what do I do when someone says, “Is this network marketing?” and it is being asked from a negative standpoint or “Is this a pyramid, is this MLM?”

Ways To Improve Your Vision

Ways to improve your vision is a part of my Catching the vision series. Last week I talked about what a vision could be, how people have lost their dreams and now if you are amongst the right people and how you can get your dream back.

Catching the Vision

Being in this industry, it has helped me to bring my dreams back and to start living my again with passion, fulfillment, achievement as well as setting some big goals and big dreams.

Positive Vibes: Laid off, destroyed or excited?

Positive Vibes: Laid off, destroyed or excited?   Positive vibes is not easy for the disappointed. The topic for tonight is BOOM! I got laid off. Are you destroyed or are you excited? What we’re going to talk about is how, not to be destroyed or feel destroyed, but how to be positive and how to be happy and have some …