Our Basic Human Needs

Our basic human needs are the things that we need to consider when we build your relationships. What needs to we need to address to? According to Tony Robbins during his talk in the three-day Network Marketing Pro event in Vegas last December 2016, there are six basic human needs that appeal to human emotions: certainty, variety, love and connection, significance, growth …

Moving On With Positive Energy Transfer

Moving on with positive energy transfer can make us communicate with people better. In whatever circumstances when you deal with people, may it be just with your daily conversations or sales pitches, you transfer energy. When you transfer energy to others it can either cause them to feel elated or feel down depending on the kind energy you transfer. When …

Experience Fulfillment: Know The Art And Live It Daily

The art of fulfillment is embedded in gratitude. You have to get into the habit of being thankful for everything that you have and everything that happens in your life – may it be joys or disappointments. See the negative things from a positive point of view and turn it around with your attitude of gratitude.

Art of Fulfillment – An Excerpt

Art of fulfillment is indeed an art. “Everyone around here in this room is different,” thus starts Tony Robbins as he delivers his talk in the Go Pro Recruiting mastery event last week. Though I have heard Tony speak many times, there is always something different to learn each time. In this particular event, he talked about how the room full …

best social media tip

Best Social Media Tip Ever!

If you get slammed with products here and there, how do you feel? Most of the time, we hide them from our timeline. Products and services are being described flamboyantly to entice buyers or subscribers, but the real thing to say is to tell them a story.

8 ways to change the world

8 Ways to Change The World Part 1

The first and number one thing to change when you would like to change the world is to show more gratitude, and this means gratitude for everything!