Your Products Are Not Your Brand

Your products are not your brand. This is what you need to keep in mind when marketing your brand in social media. A friend was wondering why they are not able to achieve the sales that they have targeted despite their presence in social media. They always post their products for sale. However, their brand cannot connect to their customers …

facebook ads strategies

Facebook Ads Strategies That Will Boost Your Business

Facebook ads strategies are important to boost your business using Social Media. You need to make the right kind of ads to stand out and give your business the boost it needs. There are three Facebook ads strategies that I find efficient to boost your business without spending too much, yet being able to help your business grow in sales and …

social Media success

Social Media Success Tips

Social Media Success is what we have learned in the latest Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event that I have been to. I would like to share with you some of the best social media success tips that were shared during to us during the event. At one time or another, we have applied this to our business and continues to …


Passionate-Work Marketing

We see network marketing people all over – social media, restaurants, hotel lobbies and everywhere else – passionately reaching out to others and seemingly enjoy what they do.