Stop Your Prospects From Procrastinating

How can you stop your prospects from procrastinating? You had been through objections like: ‘not now,’ ‘I do not have the time to do it,’ ‘I do┬ánot have the money to start the business,’ and other similar reasons. After hearing this, you have the tendency to take it upon yourself. You feel that your presentation was inadequate or there must …

Provide Value: THE Most Important Thing When You Do Business

When people see value in your proposition they will join you. Having a good posture and presentation will enable you to easily cruise through the decisions made by your client.

Effective Recruitment In Person And Social Media

Effective Recruitment In Person and Social Media – which should you do? Here are some strategies how to do recruiting both in person and via Social Media.

best social media tip

Best Social Media Tip Ever!

If you get slammed with products here and there, how do you feel? Most of the time, we hide them from our timeline. Products and services are being described flamboyantly to entice buyers or subscribers, but the real thing to say is to tell them a story.

Multiply Their Intelligence

Multiply Their Intelligence – this is the second part of my 8 Ways To Change The World video series and I will share with you a wonderful parenting tip that I have learned from my friend and mentor, Ray Higdon.