Experience Fulfillment: Know The Art And Live It Daily

The art of fulfillment is embedded in gratitude. You have to get into the habit of being thankful for everything that you have and everything that happens in your life – may it be joys or disappointments. See the negative things from a positive point of view and turn it around with your attitude of gratitude.

Uncashed Checks

If you go to an event, any meeting that you are there to learn and if you have notes and don’t study those notes, and don’t tell others about it and don’t teach about it, it is like ‘uncashed check.’

Bigger Than You

What is bigger than me is really all about part of what you can do and strive for that is ‘bigger’ than you. That would be involving or investing into something that is just much bigger than you and your cars and your house and your family and your hobbies.

Ways To Improve Your Vision

Ways to improve your vision is a part of my Catching the vision series. Last week I talked about what a vision could be, how people have lost their dreams and now if you are amongst the right people and how you can get your dream back.