Apprehensive In Talking About Your Business To Others

Are you apprehensive in talking about your business to others? Even the most passionate of network marketers and those who have done it for a long time go through some kind of apprehension. It may be jitters of excitement, reluctance or doubt, you feel a little or a lot scared at times. To overcome the apprehension in talking about your …

6 ‘Finding People’ Strategies

The 6 Finding People Strategies by Dr. Skip during the Network Marketing Pro Event in Vegas last December is a great giveaway when it comes to recruiting people to join your business. Being one of the network marketing leaders, he mentioned that in order to start with the 6 finding people strategies, you need to start with gratitude. You need …

Provide Value: THE Most Important Thing When You Do Business

When people see value in your proposition they will join you. Having a good posture and presentation will enable you to easily cruise through the decisions made by your client.

Effective Recruitment In Person And Social Media

Effective Recruitment In Person and Social Media – which should you do? Here are some strategies how to do recruiting both in person and via Social Media.