prevent failure

3 Things We Must Have To Prevent Failure

3 things we must have to prevent us from failure are: Faith, Hope and Perseverance (Consistency). These are the values that keep us from seeing things on the side of failing and falling. Having these three will help us in our success as a business person and in all the undertakings we have in life.

Effective Recruitment In Person And Social Media

Effective Recruitment In Person and Social Media – which should you do? Here are some strategies how to do recruiting both in person and via Social Media.

Valuable Lessons from TOP EARNERS at Daytona Speedway

Valuable lessons can be learned from each other’s experiences. I just got out of the car which ran 174 mph or 280 kph here at Daytona Speedway and I had so much fun!!!

Secrets To Productivity

Secrets to Productivity are what I am to reveal to you. I get easily distracted by Facebook, emails, phone calls, Twitter, text and all kind of stuff. The question today is: How do I get things done without getting distracted was one of the biggest things that I have struggled with?

Skeptical Prospects

Skeptical Prospects: How To Deal With Them

Skeptical prospects can be a challenge, so what do I do when someone says, “Is this network marketing?” and it is being asked from a negative standpoint or “Is this a pyramid, is this MLM?”