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Great Business Presentations Require Abundance Mindset

Business presentations require a mindset of abundance. This is where posture comes in. this means that you need to guard your stand that you have something that your audience needs. Your product, service or opportunity is what they need to be better off than where they are now. At the same time you have to radiate that self-belief that you …

finding real business

Finding Real Business With Network Marketing

Finding real business with network marketing is not something that happens in the wink of an eye. You need to be consistent with the things that you do daily and you have to be innovative about the things that you need to do in the future. You have to set your goals and keep yourself motivated. As researched, there are …

Moving On With Positive Energy Transfer

Moving on with positive energy transfer can make us communicate with people better. In whatever circumstances when you deal with people, may it be just with your daily conversations or sales pitches, you transfer energy. When you transfer energy to others it can either cause them to feel elated or feel down depending on the kind energy you transfer. When …

Every Life’s Breakdown Is A Breakthrough

Everything happens for a reason. How you deal with it takes you to its purpose. When you get bad service at a restaurant, do you whine and ignite a spat with the staff or you just get up and go find yourself something to eat somewhere else?