social Media success

Social Media Success Tips

Social Media Success is what we have learned in the latest Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event that I have been to. I would like to share with you some of the best social media success tips that were shared during to us during the event. At one time or another, we have applied this to our business and continues to …

Skeptical Prospects

Skeptical Prospects: How To Deal With Them

Skeptical prospects can be a challenge, so what do I do when someone says, “Is this network marketing?” and it is being asked from a negative standpoint or “Is this a pyramid, is this MLM?”

Ways To Improve Your Vision

Ways to improve your vision is a part of my Catching the vision series. Last week I talked about what a vision could be, how people have lost their dreams and now if you are amongst the right people and how you can get your dream back.