Less Stories Told, More Business Sold

Less stories told, more business sold…is it really? Often times when you do the “sales talk” you have the tendency to say a lot. You begin to present all the details of the product or business. It could be benefits, cost, material or anything that’s about the product. It could be nice but it is exhausting both to you and your client. Less …

keep on expanding

Keep On Expanding And Attracting Business

Keep on expanding and attracting business by consistently giving value. This is the best way to attract, retain and convert people towards your business. How do you create something that would help your business to keep on expanding and attracting people towards it? For sure there is a way to do this without spending a lot of money.  Keep On …

facebook ads strategies

Facebook Ads Strategies That Will Boost Your Business

Facebook ads strategies are important to boost your business using Social Media. You need to make the right kind of ads to stand out and give your business the boost it needs. There are three Facebook ads strategies that I find efficient to boost your business without spending too much, yet being able to help your business grow in sales and …

Facebook Marketing Mistakes We Should Avoid

What are the Facebook marketing mistakes that you think you have committed? How can you avoid them? Sometimes we do not know that we are leading our prospect team builder or business client away from us by these common mistakes. We wonder why suddenly they have decided not to join us or buy our product or services. These Facebook marketing …

motivating employees

Motivating Employees And Treating Them Respectfully

The best business ideas are shared. All you have to do is gather them to have your business geared to what we call the new economy.

The Biggest Injustice You Can Do To Your Future Client

The biggest injustice you can do to your future client is not about not telling them what the company is about or what you are about.