VACATION TALK #2: Shut Down Or Pre-Plan Business Operations

Shut down or pre-plan business operations if you have decided to take some time off or go on vacation. This is one way that you can enjoy your vacation but still keep your business running. If you have an actual or physical store, you can shut it down completely for a time, informing your clients and customers ahead. Most of …

Words Leading To Prosperity

What are the words leading to prosperity? In the new year, we have wished our family and friends a happy and prosperous new year. We were also wished the same. What are the words leading to prosperity? Is giving or receiving greetings enough? The promise of another year are chances to do better, more opportunities to grow¬†ourselves and our business …

Experience Fulfillment: Know The Art And Live It Daily

The art of fulfillment is embedded in gratitude. You have to get into the habit of being thankful for everything that you have and everything that happens in your life – may it be joys or disappointments. See the negative things from a positive point of view and turn it around with your attitude of gratitude.

Effective Morning Routine For Entrepreneurs

When we start our day right, the rest of the day follows. To start your day right, you first have to have some moments for yourself. You have to have a moment of silence.

Every Life’s Breakdown Is A Breakthrough

Everything happens for a reason. How you deal with it takes you to its purpose. When you get bad service at a restaurant, do you whine and ignite a spat with the staff or you just get up and go find yourself something to eat somewhere else?