Extreme Disappointment – Can You Handle This?

Have you experienced extreme disappointment? How did you handle it? Did you get mad? Things do not always happen as we plan them to be. Sometimes we get to prepare in closing the ‘deal of our lives’ and suddenly it cancels. We feel that extreme disappointment which makes us angry and mad. The thing is, being angry or mad when …

3 Common Grounds of Successful People

What are the common grounds of successful which became their keys to┬ádoing business efficiently? Successful people don’t just happen. Being successful is built by one consequence over another. What are the common grounds of those who stay on top of the game? What are their common characteristics? Common Grounds, Different Visions Fist and foremost, to be successful is to be …

Every Life’s Breakdown Is A Breakthrough

Everything happens for a reason. How you deal with it takes you to its purpose. When you get bad service at a restaurant, do you whine and ignite a spat with the staff or you just get up and go find yourself something to eat somewhere else?

Embrace Every Moment And Be Grateful

Embrace every moment that you are alive and celebrate it with gratefulness. Give value to the people you meet and make them feel better every time.