Social Media Posting Tips For Entrepreneurs

Social Media Posting Tips For Entrepreneurs sSocial media posting is highly important for all entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an online business or a brick and mortar one, you need to be present on social media to make an impression on your prospect clients. Social media is where people keep in touch with each other and communication is more on a personal level.

Therefore, if you decide to put an ad on social media, it will be considered an interruption marketing so it needs to be good!

What are the best social media posting tips that really work?

Make a “story post.” Instead of a regular post showing your product with a link to it, why not make a story. Making a story post will make people curious about your product, service or opportunity. It will make them want to know more.

Critical Posting Tips On Your Social Media Account 

Tell people how your product has changed your life. Tell them more about the things it did for you instead of what its made of or the ingredients used to produce it. Things will always be made almost of the same stuff, but it is your testimony that will make it to influence them.

Recommend a “call to action.” Encourage your audience to comment or share. Most of all encourage them to ask you question. Some of them may be very hesitant, but you need to show them sincerity by making their comments and queries welcome.

You do not need to mention the name of the product and most of all, the link to the product's website can be more of a liability based on Facebook's present algorithm. Everytime it detects a link on the post, it makes it appear less on newsfeeds.

Show more lifestyle photos. In social media, people love testimonies. They should see the things you advocate for in the way you live your life. When you are telling them about having to do an effortless business that gives you more time, then you need to show them that you have more time to go to the beach, more time to have family vacations and other things that you love doing.

Posting on social media can be easy, but you have to be wise enough that you posts can generate engagement and profit for you.

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Show more lifestyle photos. In social media, people love testimonies. They should see the things you advocate for in the way you live your life. Click To Tweet

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