Skeptical Prospects

Skeptical Prospects: How To Deal With Them

Skeptical Prospects : How To Deal With Them


Skeptical prospects can be a challenge, so what do I do when someone says, “Is this network marketing?” and it is being asked from a negative standpoint or “Is this a pyramid, is this MLM?”





If somebody asks like that, well you can say, “Why do you ask?” If they say that, “well, I just wanted to see if is really network marketing because I really love he concept, then by all means, go ahead and say, YES it is! And share with them and ask them, “Tell me more about why do you believe in it a lot? Just do that.


The next thing is that, what if somebody comes with a negative attitude about network marketing. Is this a pyramid? If they say ‘pyramid’ you know its negative. MLM? You know that’s negative. Most people in negative fashion would not call it network marketing. Well, some would.


This is not for everyone


Typically, what I’m doing is looking for people that’s open, as I’ve been taught by Ray Higdon, Cesar Rodriguez and Tanya Aliza, Eric Worre, Top network marketing trainer. When I see a lot of hostility and negativity You don’t need this people in your business and you’ve got this great gift of network marketing and the chance to have financial freedom and or time freedom and if they don’t want to take that, that’s fine, you move on.


You say, “Cool, no problem! This is not for everyone! But do you know anybody who wants to have some extra money if I show them step by step on how to do that? Some would response and some would not so you move on and there’s no hard feeling.


However, if you sense that they are not 100% sure. Why you’re getting this is that for you to know that typically, the person that you are talking to, your potential client or potential distributor may have had a bad experience at one point in time with network marketing or may know somebody that has a bad experience. What I typically heard is, they’ve been in it but they haven’t had any guidance or haven’t had any very good training and they haven’t had any help from their upline as fas as to building their team because the beauty of network marketing is that, your upline really help you build your team especially in binary system. All of those things could have happened.


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One thing to address that is to prepare to it by saying, “You know, I’ve been searching and searching and doing researching with due diligence on something that I could confidently put my name to – whatever your goal is, may it be to stay at home with the kids or just don’t work so much.


I’ve got a guy that I talked to the other day and enrolled with us. He was working 80hrs a week being an area manager for restaurants and he wants to spend more time with his son and do a lot of good for other people. Another guy that owns two different businesses and just doesn’t have enough time for himself – that’s the one thing network marketing can give you.


Skeptical Prospects about Binary CompensationFirst, you’ve got to do tell them that you’ve done your research so that didn’t have to do it and then you want to dig in a little bit and ask them, “Tell me more a little bit about that. Why are you interested in keeping your income options open if it would not interfere with what you are currently doing?” This is because they were interested but when they heard that it was network marketing they don’t want to hear anymore, so ask them. Bring up the pain that they have and share to them what this can do.




 Yet, if they are still being negative, just don’t be defensive. You don’t need to defend your product at all. Just laugh at it when somebody’s being really negative and say, “Really?! Can you tell me what you mean or can you tell me more about that!” You just listen to what they say and normally you’re going to have this kind of a chain type letter that all of the people who are on the top makes the money, it’s a scam and all that kind of stuff, just say, “Oh, its not that at all!” Then you step into and empathize with them and tell them that, “Sounds to me you’ve got a bad experience that you haven’t gotten over and it doesn’t like you are fit for my team! Have a nice day!” And then you move on.


That was what you do if they are really being negative. You empathize with them and you let them go.


If they are somewhat open, tell them to tell you more about where their interest is coming from. They probably had a family member or friend that didn’t succeed or ended up with a garage full of products that they had to use or for several months to sell. Didn’t somebody hold their hand and showed them step by step how to do it.


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Or they quit too soon. Just starting to see success but not enough yet and quit too soon. Mark Cuban says, you can fail a lot of times, but you only have to do get it right one time. With network marketing, the best way to fail is to QUIT. Just keep going.


One “Yes” is all it takes


Skeptical Prospects Bob ProctorWhen you ask questions like, “Are you open? Do you want to learn more about it?” And if they YES, remember that they are still skeptical, I recommend to send them to see this video by approaching them like this, “Would you be willing to watch a 55-minute video that Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro did with Tony Robbins, a global thought leader and personality development coach, Robert Kiyosaki, the guy who wrote “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Bob Proctor, a mindset coach, where none of these guys are in network marketing? Would you be willing to listen to their thoughts about it and what would they say about network marketing and what they offer regular people that’s not born into money or have big businesses and give me feedback on that.”


Paul Zane Pilzer, a very well know economist, says that network marketing in the wellness industry and social entrepreneurship is the economy of the future. “Would you be open to that? If they say “YES” then let them watch and then you go back into your business presentation.


Skeptical Prospects: Its not for everyoneTo recap: If they are super negative right off the bat, “Cool, no problem. It’s not for everyone, but do you know anyone?” If they are somewhat skeptical, kind of negative, ask them to tell you more why they are being negative and share with you what they see in it and if it comes out very negative, walk away and tell them they need to get over it first and you understand them (you have to empathize and you don’t want to be rude) and tell them that currently, they are not a good fit for your business and they are not. Lastly, get in and ask them a series of questions if they are somewhat skeptical, see why they are skeptical, why they had a bad experience and ask if they are somewhat open and that if they’re willing to listen.


That video I am talking about is on YouTube, you can Google it and for anyone of you watching this, you can search Tony Robbins and the Power of Network Marketing. You’ll see that its an hour video and if you scroll, Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor are there. If you watch that and you still don’t decide to jump into network marketing and if you listen to that, then you are not ready for network marketing.


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