Secret To Become A Leader

The secret to becoming a leader starts the moment you declare to yourself that it's really morning! This means that the secret of having great leadership skills is first found in the morning of the day. What is this?

You need to set for yourself a mantra for the day. This includes your affirmations with yourself that you are a person of value and great worth. With this, you become conscious of what you can give the world.


Secret To Become A Leader In 3 Seconds

Spend the first three-second of your day to affirm yourself, a power prayer and strength through the day. Having these affirmations motivate us so we can motivate others.


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Watch this video and discover the secret to become a leader.

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About the authorJohan Van Aarde is a Social Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Professional & Business Developer.
His mission is to mentor people and support them in building a business that will give them financial and time freedom, by experiencing the science of achievement while enjoying the art of fulfillment through growth and contribution. At the same time giving them a passion for helping make a huge difference in the lives of families all over the world.
He is a child of Yeshua Messiah, World Traveler, Father & Husband of 26 yrs. Love Surfing, Bodysurfing, Rugby, health and fitness, everything Hawaii, health, and fitness, red wine, grilling outside, feeding orphans & spreading the Good News.

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