Raise Your Vibes With These Three Ways

Raise Your Vibes With These Three Ways mToday we've got to talk about the three ways that you can raise your vibration now if you don't know what I mean by raising your vibration I highly recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and also read Ray Higdon's blueprint for network marketers, Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers called Vibration Money Immersion. These are excellent and outstanding book and Ray Higdon also happens to be my mentor.

When you're raising your vibration, everything in the universe has to do with the energy that is vibrating back and forth. You both give and take opportunity for people. Your vibration is really what determines to an extent mood and what happens to you and how other people perceive you.

How do you raise your vibes?

#1. Always be in a state of gratitude. To have an attitude of gratitude is to be in a state of gratitude. Let's say you are looking to reach out to somebody to recruit them or to introduce them to one of your products. You first need to be grateful for the opportunity to speak to the person and you need to be grateful for that person and you need to be grateful that you have an opportunity or a product to share with them. This also could make money and be grateful for that. Be grateful for what the money can do for you.

Always try to be grateful in any situation, as Marcus Aurelius the famous stoic and Roman Emperor said. When bad things happened you have to embrace it because you'll be better off for it and that's hard that's really hard to do sometimes.

#2. You’ve got to have love!  You got to love the people that you're going to speak to, you’ve got to love the process, you’ve got to love your product, you've got to love your opportunity and you just want to embrace people with love. Make people feel that you want to talk and reach out to them.

Always fall genuinely in love with your client

#3. Acceptance. You need to be accepting of the people who are in front of you. Be accepting about the situation that you are. Be accepting about what you have to work with. Accept that the product that you have are not for everyone

Accept that some people are not in the same playing field as you are in thinking about vibrations and love and gratitude.

Accept people for who they are and meet them where they are.

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