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“The Essentials Skills of the Network Marketing Game & Small Business Entrepreneur Game – Getting Picked for the Team 

(5 Champion Skills to Get More Prospects, Close More Sales, & Recruit More Reps)


In the last few short years I've earned over $2 million in commissions as an agricultural equipment marketer, vacation counselor and realtor, network marketer/social entrepreneur and business mentor/coach. I have been leading large teams and simultaneously contributing to global social issues – of which I am very passionate about.

I've invested more than 6 figures so I can develop myself and be mentored consistently and continually by the very best in marketing, branding and network marketing business. I have attended numerous seminars and events, read hundreds of books and consumed audio and video trainings more than most people do in a lifetime.

And I still continue to do this on a daily basis.


“The Essentials Skills of the Network Marketing Game – Getting Picked for the Team”
(5 Champion Skills to Get More Prospects, Close More Sales, & Recruit More Reps)


What you have to learn and do to become a Network Marketing Professional just like in rugby I practice and play hard to be selected the following week again!!!

  • Learn how to properly recruit on social media, get proven scripts for prospecting in pdf form – all of these presented by audio.
  • Learn the basics of the game just like in rugby you need to learn to properly tackle, pass, kick, take the hit and understand the strategy of the game.
  • Learn to do this injury free(we already made all the mistakes for you), but to really enjoy and have fun doing it the right way and become a winner and Top Earner

So what will you get:

You wonder how did I come up with these values, knowing now what I did did not know then, that is what I would have paid as a newbie network marketer, not having made any money with my new venture to avoid wasting hours and hundreds of dollars trying to figure out what works and what does not work

You can learn from all these mistakes and not “get hurt” but play as a champion right off the bat:

Again, the total value $97 BUT I sell this for a huge discount for $49 on my website, the good news being on this page now is that

You get this TODAY for $49 only, YES it is virtually FREE!!!

Enter your info below to see what this product consist of and learn from other users what they liked best and how it will transform the way you do business.


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