Procrastination Holds Back Success


Procrastination Holds Back Success

What makes people hold back in moving forward to success?

Why is procrastination the biggest killer of success and of moving ahead?

A lot of people ask me, what do you think is the thing that holds most people back?

It could be lack of self-confidence, not feeling comfortable with the situation and a lot more but to me, the biggest killer of success and making the right decisions is PROCRASTINATION.

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This applies to whether in setting a business presentation with somebody, either for network marketing or for vacation ownership or just any of the stuff I do, that the temptation to procrastinate is calling us out.


If you are looking at a car or if you are presented with a once in a lifetime business opportunity, you always want to think about it, right?

Click on the video and learn more how procrastination can form and what are the things we can do to prevent ourselves from giving in to it.


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Do you want to know more about whow you eliminate procrastination? I highly recommend Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills':

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book)


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