Making Family And Business Get Along a2

Making Family And Business Get Along

How do you work your business with family members?

How do you work your business with family members who do not support you?

How about those who do not support you?

How do you work with family members in the business with you?

In my experience of being a network marketer and having a side business, it is a big challenge to manage a business by considering your family. What is my perspective on how to work your business?

If they are not supportive of what you do, you have to be very careful of your relationship with them because ultimately, that is the most important thing. So you have to get in an agreement with them and say, “Look! I know you’re not supportive of what I’m doing, but I really want to do this for us.”

With this statement, you bring that person into the picture. Alongside this, you have to set expectations. For example, you tell them that the business sometimes may require you to be away. Though, this happens, you have to make sure that you are not taking too much time away that there is nothing left for your family. Make sure that you have a date night with your spouse, make time for your kids and your family and if it means that you have to get up early, then do it.

Business And Family Rivals With Your Time

However, as a personal note, I do not encourage you staying late at night and that does not work too well as it didn’t work for me. Do your business in the nooks and crannies of your life or get up an hour early in the morning to do something like that.

When you start performing and making money with your business, you will earn their respect and support.

If your spouse or partner is supportive of you but does not do the business, the same thing goes. Since they are supportive of you, there is no reason that the time you have together be compromised.

The quickest way of losing their support is to not give them the time that they deserve. In my experience being in the vacation counseling industry, I see so much of the people who don’t have time for each other and the little time that they spend with each other is the vacation they share.

If your wife, spouse or family member is working with you in the business, well you still need to have them on board of what you do. Yet, you each need to have specific and defined roles. Crisscrossing roles is not a good idea.

When I worked on my farming, my wife had specific duties to do with the laborers and the town banking and I was running the operations as the CEO and working in the fields.

Now that we both have our jobs and I have my own side business, support moves differently this time. She is not the one who supports me in the nitty gritty of things just like before but I have an assistant.

My assistant has specific roles and duties like managing my social media accounts, turning these videos into video blogs on my website, giving each other time to share with our families. We communicate with each other openly while doing each other’s specific roles in the business.

The key to having thins work with your business and your family so that you can have the best of both worlds is to communicate, talk and share. This is done by spending time with each other and respecting each other’s roles.

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