Make It Easy For People To Join Your Team

Make It Easy For People To Join Your TeamWhat are my suggestions to make it simple and easy to join your team or to have somebody to join your team if your network marketing or your type of organization or even purchase a product from you?

This is very simple and easy but some people can make things so complicated. You just need to “KISS” of Keep It Short And Simple. Don't make it complicated for the person who is eyeing to join your team. In fact the best thing to do after you have done your social
media recruiting, and they are ready to join, you need to get them on the phone to help them step
into their destiny.

You need to show how your product, service or opportunity can help them reach their goal or their dream and whatever it is they want to accomplish. You need to make them realize why they looked at it in the first place. Once you have determined what their seriousness in taking on a new venture, you can recommend what pack they would want to join with or what size package they want to start with.

Present to them different rewarding packages even if they were just somebody that would be just wanting to get a product from you.

Make It Easy But Do Not Babysit

There's two very simple situations the first one is you simply give them a link and or text them a link while you are on the phone and walk them through it – on going into that link, signing up, and the rest of the process while you're talking with them on the phone. because

We all know nowadays even on the phone we can sign up for stuff they don't even have to be in front of a computer. They ca do it on their own while you walk them all the way through.

The other way to do it if you really really super busy which is what I recommend, you say, “Here's the link and I recommend getting this one sign up I'll call you back in 10 or 15 minutes or you call me back I just need to make another call.”

Letting them know that you have a busy schedule will help you create urgency. There's also another way, especially if it's somebody that you've known for a while they can trust you and you can ask them to “give me your social security give me your credit card number and I will sign you up.

When you've done a good job of building the relationship in the prospecting process, they will do that for you anyway and you can go and sign them up.

However, the thing that I have against the last method is that you are kind of babysitting people and it's a little bit leading to ‘a lack of loss and lack of fear.’

We do this in the fear that if we did not sign them up, then it is NOT for them. You really need to do, to move away from that lack mindset on into a positive wealth-creating mindset. If you are gonna start the right up the bat, start doing things for them they're gonna expect you to do more things for them.

Your job is to train teach and guide not to prospect or do the work for them so my suggestion is the easiest simplest, best way to use your time give the link, make the recommendation, then say, “call me back in 10 minutes or 15 minutes as soon as you're done.”
I'm just making another call and that

This will save you a ton of time.

Watch this video and Make It Easy For People To Join Your Team

You really need to do, to move away from that lack mindset on into a positive wealth-creating mindset.Click To Tweet

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