How To Make Curious Acquaintances Into Paying Clients

How To Make Curious Acquaintances Into Paying Clients bnmHow can you make curious acquaintances into paying clients?

What are the things that move people from being ‘interested in' to buying in? How can you present your products, opportunity or services that would draw people to a purchase. In short, what makes a great package?

There are five things that you need to focus on t be able to migrate interested people to your client list:

#1 USE. Is your product, service or opportunity beneficial or useful for them? You need to create a need in them. You need to make them realize that your product is useful and beneficial to them. How can they use it for their benefit?

#2 VALUE. Before getting into the buy-in, people will ask themselves – how can this make my life better? This is what you have to address by making products that can make people better. How can your product change things for them? Will your product make their prevously tedious task easy? In giving value, you need to present your products in a way that it will leave them better off than you first met them.

Turn Their Curiosity Into Connection

#3 EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. You have to make them feel that your product touches their emotional “hot button.” They need to feel that within the six basic human needs (by Tony Robbins) of certainty, variety, love and connection, significance, growth and connection, your product can meet them. You need to focus  on how to make them feel the connection.

#4 QUALITY. It is the quality of your products that makes it expensive. Other then delivering what it needs to deliver, you need to be consistent with the quality of your product. If the packaging says its 60ml, it should be 60ml – from the first bottle that they purchased up to the last. If you have a product of excellent quality, even if it is pricey, there is always a reason for your clients to afford it.

#5 SERVICE. This is in the form of excellent customer experience. You need to have an after sales fallback. Paying clients do not stop being clients during the sale, but they remain if they feel that you are there for them – to guide them and serve them. This is what links you to your customer and most entrepreneur invest in aftersales or customer service because they can either make or break new or repeat businesses.

The first three points are about presentation and the last two are about living up to what you have presented to them. When you focus on these five points, you will surely move your “just curious” acquaintances into paying clients.

Watch this video and Learn How To Make Curious Acquaintances Into Paying Clients

If you have a product of excellent quality, even if it is pricey, there is always a reason for your clients to afford it. Click To Tweet

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