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Live Video Newbie Tips

Are you new to making live videos? Here are some useful live video newbie tips.

As we all know, doing a Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live and other live videos on social media platforms contribute a lot to the success of your business. This is how your message as a brand is being stated across. How can you conquer your hesitations in doing your own “lives?”

#1 JUST DO IT. Adopt the Nike philosophy. You must do it because you need to do it. It is going to help you get your message out to your target audience without spending anything. You need to conquer whatever fears you have by just doing it.

Live Videos Are The Best Business Helpers Today

#2 WHO CARES ANYWAY? Who cares about the bashing? People will always something say something about the things that you do and some of them are not going to say something very good. The question is, are they the ones building your business? You are the one who is in control and you must not act upon any negativity.

Here are some really cool little big tips:

  • Look at the camera. Look straight at your camera and not away from your screen.
  • Talk as though you are talking to one person.
  • Have an agenda.

#3 BE SUCCINCT. You need to be sharp. You need to talk about different related things and not about the same things all the time. This will make your audience all too familiar with the topic and will lose the interest in listening or watching your videos.

#4 FOLLOW A LIVE VIDEO FORMULA. You need to have a structure you can compose on. Here in this blog article How To Make Successful Live Videos, you will be able to find the structure or the formula in making a live video.

Are you now ready to make your own Live Video?

Watch this video and learn Live Video Newbie Tips.

You are the one who is in control and you must not act upon any negativity when it comes to your business.Click To Tweet

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