Inactive Team Members Can Successfully Get Back Again

Inactive Team Members Can Successfully Get Back Again

This is something that I get asked a lot: “How can you revive inactive members?”

These principles that I am going to present to you today is so true for members of any team especially those who kind of fell off the wayside, so to speak.

First, for the product users – thank them for their ongoing product use and to plant the seed. This is also the point where you can ask them seriously about how they want to earn some money.

You can show what you have accomplished with your hard work. You can also show them examples of those people in your team who makes $200 a month just by sharing the business now and then.

The second one are those people who are we saying are just dabblers in the business. They are the ones who use the product and recommend it among their circle of friends. They are the ones whom we call the ‘happy helpers.’

You motivate them by not pushing them. You motivate them by saying thank you for their support and offer them any help that you can should they want to earn more in the business.

You can tell them “I just so appreciate you being part of the team and keep using their product. What can I help you to achieve better results with whatever it would be the product or service that you are selling?”

Getting Them All Back And Active Again

Thirdly, for your go-getters the people on your team who's actually doing stuff for those you want to motivate by one thing and that is simply by example. Just go and recruit more occasionally – ones that you know what kind of mindset they have.

You can show them how your paycheck has grown over the last year. For example, you can send the person in your team a copy of your paycheck. However, you need to be careful with this kind of move. A person with a lack mindset and might simply think that you are making money out of them. Be careful of who you share it with. If you have shared it with hose that understand it and have the right mindset, they will feel challenged to do more with their work.

If you have not joined the rank makers group from Ray and Jessica Higdon, you actually should do so is generic network marketing training. It is an awesome experience.

Ray was a top earner for several different companies is now a top trainer makes seven million dollars a year out of course, products and are the services that he offers and has very intense branding and marketing top earner club masterminds of which I attended one for a year. I have learned really about marketing and branding so I can share with others but also met a lot of influential people..

If you have not joined yet, please attend the prospect and recruiting seminar it's okay but what I want you to do is go in and join that so leading by example recruiting more.

To revive inactive members successfully is by showing appreciation, gratitude and love for them and offering assistance without pushing. They respond way better to something like that then you saying hey man I'm making so much money why didn't you work your butt off too? For some people that's just not for them while there are certain people that you can challenge.

You need to know the personality types, motivate them according to their personality? That is competition and in setting a challenge. What motivates analytical people – the numbers and the process and the amiable person is being motivated by how they can help others and what cause they can serve.

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A person with a lack mindset and might simply think that you are making money out of them. Be careful of who you share it with. Click To Tweet

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