How Personalities Affect Relationships

how-personalities-affect-relationships-2How personalities affect relationships? I guess this is one of the mysteries of humanity. Why are we attracted to people that are not very much like us or who are totally the opposite of our personalities? Why are there people who we can get along well instantly but there are people whom we could not stand to be in the same room with? Given this, is there a way to be able to get along with other types of personalities?

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How Personalities Affect Relationships: Unravel The Mystery

Human relationships are simple as it is complex. Authors like Florence Littauer in her book Personality Plus: How To Understand Others By Understanding Yourself she explained the different personality types, how they act and the ways to deal with these types. First, you need to identify your own type and how you would like to be dealt with. Once you learn to understand yourself, you will be able to understand other types and learn to deal with them.

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Watch this video and learn more ways on how to deal with different personality types.

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