How My Story Of Pain And Sleeplessness Nights Ended

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Rugby is my passion. 

I have played so much rugby in my youth and even up to today. I can not resist the call of the field and playing this sport has been an integral part of my being which I still do on a weekly basis playing “Touch Rugby” and once a year play for my Old Boys Team, The KwaZulu Old Crocs where we go somewhere in the world, see the country, meet new people and play other old boys teams. Obviously, rugby is not a sport for the faint of heart. It is not a sport for those who have low pain tolerance. Body contact and physical exhaustion is part of the game. 

Due to this, my body experiences a lot of stress and pain. I used to have sleepless nights because of joint pains brought about by injuries from the rugby games that I enjoyed so much.

My naturopath doctor turned me onto CBD oil 2 years ago because I had difficulty sleeping through the night. The pain or adrenal fatigue or just plain stress kept me awake and it took a toll on the other aspects of my life. 

I felt like I had so much to do but can not do it because I was so tired and burned out from lack of sleep.

Watch this video and know Learn To End Pain And Sleeplessness.

I have since moved on to another source with this new company’s Hemp Oil and now use the Improved Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for the last year.

I now use both the  Lemon Flavor Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and the Berry Flavor Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that not only make me sleep well at night, but also make me feel great during the day.

After about 2 years of using it,  I can tell you that I have no more joint pain( went away after 6 weeks)  and that I have no problem sleeping (worked immediately). 

I dream almost every night which is an indication that I am in REM sleep.

As with all products you will find that not all products are created equal. Watch the video on the Hemp Oil I Use and read more about the 2nd Oil I used and now the 3rd Oil I Am Using (improved version of the 2nd one) 

Based on everything I’ve seen in the past and have used, the highest absorption I have seen is around 20%. This product has 94% bioavailability, which means it’s more than four times more effective than the second best one out there. Plus, the taste is also much better than any of the others that I have tried.

Another fact I love about this is that, it is full spectrum hemp oil and not just isolated CBD oil. It has 0% TCH, which means that it has nothing in there to make you high. Most of all, it can suppress chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain. As it is being continued to study, CBD oil has many more benefits than we can ever imagine. 

Are you physically active like me? Do you experience chronic pain? Are you mentally stressed and overly anxious? Do you struggle sleeping through?

Disclaimer: 0% TCH (which is the stuff that makes you high)


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