Feel The Need To Give Back

Feel The Need To Give Back djddjHow can you give back as an entrepreneur? What are the best ways to give back as an entrepreneur?

It actually depends on what kind of business you’re in. If you are in network marketing, I suggest you select a company that will give back automatically. Of course, it should be a company that you are passionate about and that you really care to do business with. Also, you must like their products and services.

Some companies, don’t give automatically but on a regular basis, from time to time, donate a certain percentage of their sales to a campaign, or philanthropy projects, and making life better of the less privileged. If there is a company that you want to join and does this, by all means, go for it.

I’m fortunate and blessed enough that the company that I’m with makes sure that form every single product that is moved out of our channels, whether its used by the distributors or by the clients, automatically, a percentage of that goes to a very, very helpful cause which is childhood malnutrition. I am urging you to look for a company like that.

The first reason that I got involved with this company was not because of the products, but because of the way they gave back. Actually, the first products were nutrition packs. Then coming on, we added more and more and more products, so that’s was a great way to share. I know that from every bottle of hemp oil that I use or every deodorant I use from the company, I am giving back to a good cause.

Give Back And The Universe Will Give All

I highly recommend, obviously giving and tithing for a good cause around 10% of your net. I also recommend that even if you are already giving tithe to a religious organization, try to give another 10% of your profit away to those that’s less privileged.

Partner with an organization or a company that you are very comfortable with. I give to Lamp and Light Ministries and I also give to the King’s Ransom foundation who helps to build a home and work with orphans and people with no homes in Nicaragua, India and Belize and together with the Dani Johnson Organization.

Remember, if you give, you will receive more. The universe will replicate and give back what you focus. If you focus on giving and doing more, you will also get more and I don’t want you to thing that I’m going to give to get more, but this is the way it works, guys!

I hope this helped you as an entrepreneur.

Give some. Partner with a company that automatically gives and give some of your own profit and I recommend giving at least 10%. You will find that most of the wealthy people in the world give a lot away. When I see the numbers of people that make more than $10,000 a year, I realize that most of them give as much as 20% away.

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