Do Yoga and Stretch Yourself To Happiness

Do Yoga and Stretch Yourself To Happiness


Do yoga! I just got back from a hot yoga class. The first one I did and it was absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been doing yoga regularly probably for the last six years about once a week, but the last 3-4 months I've been really slack at getting my yoga and I just feel really great now. Time to go take a shower, but I wanted to share this with you guys quickly.



Tonight, I’m going to give you a phenomenal fitness and business tip: How to be a better network marketer and how to have a better life and feel great because of one simple thing.


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Yes, tonight it’s about stretch your self to happiness. That’s the title for tonight. And what do I mean by that? What I mean by that is doing yoga. If you do yoga, it’s super good for your fitness. If you lift a lot of weights and you do cardio its really, really important to get that stretch and that balance and just that peacefulness into your soul and what happens when you’ve done yoga is that it releases all those good endorphins.


Yoga for a great business?


Do Yoga and stretchSimilarly for business, it is also great because it teaches you to focus, to concentrate, to control your breathing and once again when you have you feel good and you have all the endorphins released, the vibration that’s going out from you is a lot more positive then you attract a lot more people and we, as network marketers, are in this business of network marketing. It is to me, super-super important to always be attractive to your audience not physically but as far as the vibe that you put out and the advice that you give and the value that you give.


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Do yoga, you’ll never be sorry. Go take a beginner’s class and if you can get a hot yoga class that’s really awesome!

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About the author: Johan Van Aarde  is a Business Developer & Motivator for People on the Go that are dissatisfied with their current situation. He is a Christian, World Traveler, loves Bodysurfing, loves health and fitness and still plays Rugby one a year. Husband of 25 yrs. 

His Mission is to support people on their journeys towards fitness, health and financial freedom, giving them hope and passion to help others. To help them become what God designed them to be! 

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