Bigger Than You

What Is Bigger Than You?


Bigger than you is the third installment of my Catching the Vision series.


What is bigger than me is really all about part of what you can do and strive for that is ‘bigger’ than you. That would be involving or investing into something that is just much bigger than you and your cars and your house and your family and your hobbies.



In Part Three of the series, I’m going tell you what are the ways or some of the ways that you can find these things that’s bigger than you. Let’s just recap – in the first Periscope in Catching a Vision, I was talking about how people’s dreams are eroded and centered around themselves and they forget that there’s something much bigger and that we are here on earth to contribute and to be significant and to grow.


Last time, I talked about ways you can form this vision by hanging out with the right people, like-minded people and people that is at your level or people that is higher than your level, because you become the average of the five people you mostly spend time with, reading books and listening to audio, watching DVDs from very well-known personal trainer, personal development people, etc., praying and meditating.


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I am just trying to plant some seeds and have you think about what you can contribute because the two of the most desirable needs that humans have is growth and contribution. When you grow your business you make more money and you help more people and you grow and obviously your contribution goes up too, right?


The way you can do that is by being involved with network marketing companies like us, because that is the best way for “average people” and those are the people who did not inherit a lot of money or didn’t inherit a business or is not wealthy or there’s not a lot of old money – the type of person that can start a business like that for a very low cost, ridiculously low cost and build a multi-million business if you really put you mind and heart into that.


If you don’t have something bigger than you that drive you, then you will not be super successful because you will let things get in the way too much.


What are the things that are BIGGER than YOU?


Here are a few things.


REACH OUT WITH YOUR FAITH. Faith-based things that are bigger than you: very commonly on this would be outreaches into inner cities and places like that telling people about the Gospel. Another way is (I want to do this!) is spend my big old funds to sponsor mission trips to India where we rather pay 20 people’s way. People that struggle to come up with the money, I just pay their way. They’ll just do the work and they don’t have to worry about raising the money. I’ll be giving it, they just need to just go straight to work.


Visit orphans Yes, I am a Christian and that is very, very passionate to me. I am also a Rugby player and a body surfer so I’ll get to that in a little bit. Another thing is kids. It would be to go to an orphanage or to contribute to that, or just go and visit the orphans like a lot of people do and once a year, they go to that country in Africa, Asia or South America and spend some time with the kids and get to know them. What an awesome way to do that. When I go to mission trips in India, I want to combine that with orphanages – visits and contributions there.


CHOOSE HUMANITY. The other thing could just be the poor. One of the members of my team has this dream of building a big, basically a wellness center for underprivileged people in her community where people could be given more clothes and more food, where at times like Christmas and Easter, they would have a nice warm meal and would also be able to get some gifts.


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ADVOCATE SPORTS. Now here is the part about the sport. MaybeRugby with Kids you are a coach or passionate bout the sport and how nice would it be if you could co-coach kids and in my case me and rugby and South Africa where I came from and by the way, at my back are Boabab Trees from the Northern Transvaal area in Gauteng area in South Africa. What I’d like to do is go do coaching clinics with people and do it absolutely for free. Just give back.


I’m moving to Hawaii shortly, we did blood test for the dogs, and I have to tell you they have 120 days to have the blood test done before you can go. We are currently changing our future looking for new path and moving to the island of Kauai in a few months, so I would dare once I’ve learned to surf really well, I would like to teach some to surf for free. Definitely, I would want to teach people, especially under privileged people some body surfing and stuff like that. I also want to open a wellness center that can educate people of eating healthy and eating better.


SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE. Maybe you are big into cooking and its your thing. You could put up free cooking classes for somebody or you could write a recipe book and give the proceeds of that and if you join a net marketing company, you will learn to market these things. You can give the proceeds away to the charity of your choice.


CARE FOR THE ELDERLY. The one thing that you could also do which is something simple, maybe you like older people and people that have wisdom and you could find assistive living places or old age homes and visit people. Spend half an hour or an hour to drink some tea and visit a bunch of them and chat with them and let them tell you stories because their families might be really far away and all they want to do is to have that contact.


How nice would it be if you could do all of these? Or a lot of these and not having to worry about being at work and work all the time to pay the bills where the business that you are building have built if you have gotten where you are is producing the passive income to you so that you can take that time off and go do that and even if you do those things, there’s still money coming in.


Autumn Calebrese Fixate CookBookThe money is not just the quality of life better, as Jim Rohn says, “Money is not everything, but its right up there with oxygen.” When you have money you can help a lot more people. That’s what its all about.


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About the author: Johan Van Aarde  is a Business Developer & Motivator for People on the Go that are dissatisfied with their current situation. He is a Christian, World Traveler, loves Bodysurfing, loves health and fitness and still plays Rugby one a year. Husband of 25 yrs. 

His Mission is to support people on their journeys towards fitness, health and financial freedom, giving them hope and passion to help others. To help them become what God designed them to be! 

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