3 Most Effective Prospecting Rules

3 Most Effective Prospecting Rules gfd

Today is about the three most effective prospecting rules that will help you expand your business or your network marketing team.

Prospecting is about relationships. In fact, it is the beginning of building the relationship and just like any other relationship, it is hard to retrieve when the rules are not applied.

#1 Don’t Spam. Social media is every entrepreneur’s marketing venue. It is mostly free, vast reached and most of all convenient. Some people will comment on your posts with their campaigns regarding their products or asking you to join them, not even taking the time to get to know you personally. This is spamming.

Simply put, it’s an ambush campaign. For example, you were just looking at the cars and the salesman comes up to you and says, “That’s for $36,000.” How offensive is that on your part. That’s how spamming is.

3 Effective Prospecting Rules For Entrepreneurs

#2 Don’t Blast. Blasting or too much posting about your business on social media kills the interest and curiosity of your audience. What else is there for you and your prospect to talk about when you have laid all cards on the table.

You can give leading information of course. You can mention your business but not all the time. Make your personality emerge when people checks out your profile.

#3 Be Positive and Uplifting. Respect people by showing positivity. You need to make people feel that you are a positive influence to them. When talking to them be polite, especially at times that they don’t want to talk with you, still, insist on being courteous and polite.

Keeping a positive disposition is the key to having all the fortunes in life, and it only doubles if you share it.

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